Circular Roofing Systems

We make building even more future-proof


The old linear model is running up against its limits. The gap between supply and demand for primary raw materials continues to grow. This trend is now also being seen in finished products.

European objectives

2030: 50% reduction in primary
raw materials
2050: fully circular and waste-free

For whom?

For you! Whether you’re a building
owner, architect or building
professional. You no longer ask
for responsible building solutions,
you just demand them!

IKO & Circularity: IKO atelia

With energy efficient and responsible roofing products and systems, we help our customers comply with ever stringent requirements in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable building.


From sustainable products…

Each system consists of multiple layers. As a manufacturer of high quality roofing materials and PIR insulation, IKO enables building professionals, more than ever, to future-proof their building projects.

…from 1 manufacturer…

The IKO roofing systems are produced completely in-house and consist of an ingenious combination of extensively tested and perfectly compatible premium materials. An IKO roofing system provides you with a proven and extremely sustainable total solution for the roof of your building.

…to IKO atelia circular roofing systems!

Three of our IKO roofing systems are fully circular roofing systems. At the end of the useful life of the roof, the system is fully removable. The bituminous materials can now even be taken back. This allows us to reuse them as raw material for new waterproofing products.

Discover more

4 Circular IKO principles

IKO road to… circularity


ISO 140001
environmental management system certification


PIR production line
High efficiency insulation IKO enertherm (NL)


Recycling of bitumen production waste
Carrara technology


Energy Policy
Agreement (BE)


IKO invests heavily
in the Blue Gate
Antwerp sustainable
business park


Sustainability of
production energy


Launch of IKO’s
sustainability proposition


IKO atelia
The IKO warranty


IKO orion
Recycling technology


50% reduction in
primary raw materials
(European objective)


Circular, waste-free
(European objective)

Did you know that?

The lifespan of an IKO atelia roofing system is no less than 35 years?

After fitting the old cap sheet with a durable overlay, it is as much as 70 years! The new system can also be retrofitted with additional insulation but will still be as removable as before.

Renovation on a non-Atelia system? No problem! Each Atelia component on top of the existing situation will be circular with all IKO atelia benefits.

By the way, did you know that construction in Europe accounts for:

one third of all waste
40% of energy usage
36% of CO2 emission

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