Maximum service life

3 Maximum service life

Postponing end-of-life through periodic maintenance.

It is essential to ensure that the systems and products have the longest possible service life. Only when everything has been done to ensure the maximum service life of a roofing system do we proceed with the removal, reuse or recycling of the residual materials.

We are going back to what we used to think of as normal. “Before replacing something that’s broken, we check whether it can be repaired.”

First of all, we want to prevent that moment from happening, or in any case postpone it as long as possible by performing preventive maintenance on the roofing system. Bitumen is the ideal material for this and also allows corrective maintenance to be carried out. It is always compatible with the bituminous substrate on which the repair is to be made.

It is even recommended in the medium term to provide the entire roof with a completely new cap sheet, either or not in combination with an extra IKO enertherm Atelia insulation package. This will simply double the lifespan of the system. Two overlays will enable the Atelia roofing system to achieve an expected service life of over 100 years. In this way, an IKO atelia roof will in most cases survive the building on which it is installed. With an IKO atelia circular roofing system, the whole system will, in the end, be just as circular and qualitative as when it was first installed.

With an overlay the 35-year minimum lifespan of an IKO atelia roof is simply doubled.

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