Circular product design

2 Circular product design

The different layers of the IKO atelia circular roofing systems are made with a maximum share of secondary raw materials.

Each roofing system, whether removable or not, is composed of individual components. That is exactly the essence of circular design. Each individual component of an IKO atelia roofing system is  designed with circularity in mind.

IKO places particular R&D focus on further increasing the share of secondary raw materials from which the products are made. This is a continuous process in which the balance between quality, processability of the products, and the maximum feasible share of secondary raw materials is monitored. Our ambition is to continually increase the share of secondary raw materials while  ensuring full compliance with our high quality requirements.

Many of the IKO atelia bitumen products already consists of at least 20% of secondary raw materials. Our primary goal here is to minimise the use of primary raw materials in the IKO atelia bitumen products.

Maximum service life