Circular system design

1 Circular system design

Each roof has a second life. The IKO atelia circular roofs are suitable for reuse and recycling. In short, urban mining(*) at its best.

We have made sure that the criteria to be met by a circular roofing system are incorporated into all IKO atelia circular roofing systems. It starts, of course, with the base. The system as a whole is made up so that at the end of its useful life it can be removed without the individual components being contaminated with parts or residues of the other materials used.

During its useful life the IKO atelia roofing system also contributes to a cleaner world. With bitumen, reuse of rainwater is perfectly safe. If a white roof covering with a high SRI value is applied, such as IKO carrara, energy usage in the building is reduced due to the cooling effect of the roof. Roof-mounted installations also deliver a higher efficiency.

The bituminous cap sheet of an IKO atelia system, both in a single and a two-ply system or even with an overlay on top of it, can be easily separated from the underlying IKO enertherm Atelia insulation material. The also applies to the vapour barrier layer that is an integral part of the IKO atelia circular roofing system. The bitumen that is recovered can always be used as secondary raw material for new bitumen roofing materials.

This process will repeat itself again and again, so that bitumen is infinitely recyclable.

The IKO enertherm Atelia PIR insulation that is recovered at the end of the service life has retained all its characteristics and is fully reusable for various new insulation applications. Here, too, no waste stream is generated at the end of the roof’s service life.

The lambda value of 0.021 W/(m.K) of IKO enertherm Atelia PIR insulation allows for a slimmer construction that still meets the efficiency requirements.

= thinner insulation
= slim construction
= less transport
= less CO2 emissions

In this way, your building will throughout its lifespan serve as a raw material warehouse for the future. This is known as urban mining.

* Urban Mining is the recycling of precious raw materials from urban waste. It is an essential component of the circular economy, in efforts to prevent the depletion of natural resources and to control global warming.

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