The IKO warranty

4 The IKO warranty

IKO supplies circular roofing systems with an insured warranty and take-back certificate.

Because we are convinced of the need to take into account the end-of-life moment already in the design stage of a building, as supplier of the products and systems, we also take our  responsibility  in this respect. Each IKO atelia roofing system comes with an insured warranty and the promise that the Atelia bitumen roofing membranes can be taken back by IKO after a period of at least 35 years. We have developed a comprehensive take-back policy. The returned residual bitumen membranes are then reused by us as (secondary) raw material.

To reinforce the above, we developed the IKO orion recycling technology, resulting in a significant expansion of IKO’s state-of-the-art bitumen recycling machinery. This recycling facility, which is fully integrated into our fully automatic production lines for bitumen roofing membranes, processes production residues, bitumen trimmings from the construction site but also old IKO Atelia roofs into new, circular bitumen roofing membranes.

In addition, IKO provides proper support for your circular challenges at every stage of the process.

  • Insured warranty
  • Specifications service
  • Always the appropriate certificates; security for now and in the future
  • Theoretical and practical training at the IKO Experience Center
  • Project site start-up and supervision
  • Digital support
  • NOX – SOX reduction certificate
Circular system design