two layer loose-laid ballasted

IKO circular roof

Two layer loose-laid ballasted

For roofs where mechanical fastening is not desired or even possible, IKO atelia can also provide a completely loose-laid ballasted system.

This system is best chosen as a circular application when the roof needs to be provided with a ballast layer such as tiles, gravel or something else. It has the same qualitative properties as the mechanically attached system.

This roof construction contains of

  • IKO powergum 470K14 Atelia; a black sanded reinforced roofing membrane composed of plastomer (APP) bitumen with fire retardant properties and a polyester glass combination inlay.
  • IKO base P3 T/F Atelia: polyester reinforced bituminous underlayment.
  • IKO enertherm Atelia; PIR insulation board with the lowest lambda value (0,021 W/(m.K).
  • IKO base P3 T/F Atelia; polyester-reinforced bituminous vapour barrier that is placed loosely on the substrate.

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Two layer mechanically fastened

Two layer loose-laid ballasted

Two layer mechanically fastened

Underlay IKO base P3 Atelia:
temporary waterproofing possible